Knights Templar

Fall of Acre
Matthieu de Clermont défend Ptolémaïs en 1291, by Dominique Papety (1815–49) at Versailles
1291 Apr 4 - May 18

Fall of Acre

Acre, Israel

The Fall of Acre took place in 1291 and resulted in the Crusaders losing control of Acre to the Mamluks. It is considered one of the most important battles of the period. Although the crusading movement continued for several more centuries, the capture of the city marked the end of further crusades to the Levant. When Acre fell, the Crusaders lost their last major stronghold of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The Templar headquarters moved to Limassol on the island of Cyprus when their last mainland strongholds, Tortosa (Tartus in Syria) and Atlit (in present-day Israel) also fell.