War of the Fifth Coalition

Schönbrunn Palace and gardens, painting by Bernardo Bellotto
1809 Dec 30



Key Findings:

  • Austria losses territory
  • Austria also paid to France a large indemnity
  • Austrian army limited to 150,000 troops
  • Bavaria gains Salzburg, Berchtesgaden, and Innviertel
  • Duchy of Warsaw gains Western Galicia
  • Russia gains part of Eastern Galicia
  • France gains Dalmatia & Trieste(Austria loses access to Adriatic Sea)
  • Napoleon married the daughter of Emperor Francis, Marie Louise. Napoleon hoped the marriage would cement a Franco-Austrian alliance and provide legitimacy to his regime. The alliance gave Austria respite from war with France
  • The revolts in Tyrol and the Kingdom of Westphalia during the conflict were an indication that there was discontent over French rule among the German population.
  • The war undermined French military superiority and the Napoleonic image
  • The Battle of Aspern-Essling was the first major defeat in Napoleon's career and was warmly greeted by much of Europe.