Byzantine Empire Macedonian dynasty

Battle of Svindax
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1022 Jan 1

Battle of Svindax

Bulkasım, Pasinler/Erzurum, Tu

George received reinforcements from the Kakhetians, and allied himself with the Byzantine commanders Nicephorus Phocas and Nicephorus Xiphias in their abortive insurrection in the emperor's rear. In December, George's ally, the Armenian king Senekerim of Vaspurakan, being harassed by the Seljuk Turks, surrendered his kingdom to the emperor. During the spring of 1022, Basil launched a final offensive, winning a crushing victory over the Georgians at Svindax. Menaced both by land and sea, King George handed over Tao, Phasiane, Kola, Artaan and Javakheti, and left his infant son Bagrat a hostage in Basil's hands. In the aftermath of the conflict, George I of Georgia was forced to negotiate a peace treaty ending the Byzantine-Georgian wars over the succession of the domains of David III of Tao.

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