Sanjak of Montenegro
Ottoman troops
1514 Jan 1 - 1528 Jan

Sanjak of Montenegro


The greater part of the Zetan principality lost its status as an independent state, becoming a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire, until it was added to the Ottoman administrative unit of Sanjak of Scutari in 1499. In 1514 this territory was separated from the Sanjak of Scutari and established as a separate Sanjak of Montenegro, under the rule of Skenderbeg Crnojević.

In 1523, the resm-i filori of Montenegro (Karadağ), which had the status of hass, was made up of 33 akçe in poll-tax, a 20 akçe İspençe and 2 akçe for the collector. When Skenderbeg Crnojević died in 1528, the Sanjak of Montenegro was joined to the Sanjak of Scutari, as a unique administrative unit with certain degree of autonomy.