Final Stages
The Battle of Yashima in the Genpei War
1185 Mar 22

Final Stages

Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan
As the united Minamoto forces left Kyoto, the Taira began consolidating their position at a number of sites in and around the Inland Sea, which was their ancestral home territory. After arriving in Tsubaki Bay, in Awa Province. Yoshitsune then advanced into Sanuki Province through the night reaching the bay with the Imperial Palace at Yashima, and the houses in Mure and Takamatsu. The Taira were expecting a naval attack, and so Yoshitsune lit bonfires on Shikoku, essentially in their rear, fooling the Taira into believing that a large force was approaching on land. They abandoned their palace, and took to their ships, along with Emperor Antoku and the imperial regalia. The majority of the Taira fleet escaped to Dan-no-ura. The Minamoto were victorious and many more clans threw their support for them and their supply of ships grew as well.