Crusader States Outremer

County of Tripoli
Fakhr al-Mulk ibn Ammar submitting to Bertrand of Toulouse, ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1109 Jul 12

County of Tripoli

Tripoli, Lebanon

The Franks besieged Tripoli, led by Baldwin I of Jerusalem, Baldwin II of Edessa, Tancred, regent of Antioch, William-Jordan, and Raymond IV's eldest son Bertrand of Toulouse, who had recently arrived with fresh Genoan, Pisan and Provençal troops. Tripoli waited in vain for reinforcements from Egypt.

The city crumbled on July 12, and was sacked by the crusaders. The Egyptian fleet arrived eight hours too late. Most of the inhabitants were enslaved, the others were deprived of their possessions and expelled. Bertrand, Raymond IV's illegitimate son, had William-Jordan assassinated in 1110 and claimed two-thirds of the city for himself, with the other third falling to the Genoans. The rest of the Mediterranean coast had already fallen to the crusaders or would pass to them within the next few years, with the capture of Sidon in 1110 and Tyre in 1124. This led to the establishment of the fourth crusader state, the County of Tripoli.

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