Conquests of Tamerlane

Siege of Smyrna
Siege of Smyrna from a manuscript of the Garrett Zafarnama (c. 1467) ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1402 Dec 1

Siege of Smyrna

Izmir, Turkey

After the battle, Timur moved through western Anatolia to the Aegean coast, where he besieged and took the city of Smyrna, a stronghold of the Christian Knights Hospitallers. The battle was catastrophic for the Ottoman state, fracturing what remained and bringing almost total collapse of the empire. This resulted in a civil war among Bayezid's sons. The Ottoman civil war continued for another 11 years (1413) following the Battle of Ankara. The battle is also significant in Ottoman history as being the only time a Sultan was captured in person.

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