War of the Sixth Coalition

Battle of Nivelle
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1813 Nov 10

Battle of Nivelle

Nivelle, France

The Battle of Nivelle (10 November 1813) took place in front of the river Nivelle near the end of the Peninsular War

(1808–1814). After the Allied siege of San Sebastian, Wellington's 80,000 British, Portuguese and Spanish troops (20,000 of the Spaniards were untried in battle) were in hot pursuit of Marshal Soult who had 60,000 men to place in a 20-mile perimeter. After the Light Division, the main British army was ordered to attack and the 3rd Division split Soult's army in two. By two o'clock, Soult was in retreat and the British in a strong offensive position. Soult had lost another battle on French soil and had lost 4,500 men to Wellington's 5,500.

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