War of the Second Coalition

Anglo-Russian Invasion of Holland
Evacuation of the British and Russian troops at the end of the Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland in 1799 from Den Helder ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1799 Aug 27

Anglo-Russian Invasion of Holland

North Holland
The Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland was a military campaign during the War of the Second Coalition, in which an expeditionary force of British and Russian troops invaded the North Holland peninsula in the Batavian Republic. The campaign had two strategic objectives: to neutralize the Batavian fleet and to promote an uprising by followers of the former stadtholder William V against the Batavian government. The invasion was opposed by a slightly smaller joint Franco-Batavian army. Tactically, the Anglo-Russian forces were successful initially, defeating the defenders in the battles of Callantsoog and the Krabbendam, but subsequent battles went against the Anglo-Russian forces.

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