Tsardom of Russia

Grand Embassy of Peter the Great
Peter on board of his yacht en route to the Peter and Paul ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1697 Aug 25

Grand Embassy of Peter the Great


In 1697 and 1698, Peter the Great embarked on his Grand Embassy. The primary goal of the mission was to strengthen and broaden the Holy League, Russia's alliance with a number of European countries against the Ottoman Empire in the Russian struggle for the northern coastline of the Black Sea. The tsar also sought to hire foreign specialists for Russian service and to acquire military weapons. Officially, the Grand Embassy was headed by the "grand ambassadors" Franz Lefort, Fedor Golovin and Prokopy Voznitsyn. In fact, it was led by Peter himself, who went along incognito under the name of Peter Mikhailov.

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