Tang Dynasty

Reign of Zhongzong of Tang
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705 Jan 23 - 710

Reign of Zhongzong of Tang

Xian, China

Emperor Xuanzong, was the fourth Emperor of the Tang dynasty of China, ruling briefly in 684 and again from 705 to 710. During the first period, he did not rule, and the entire government was in the hands of his mother, Empress Wu Zetian and was effectively overthrown by her imperial power after opposing his mother.

In the second reign period, most of the government was in the hands of his beloved wife Empress Wei. He is renowned for the cultural heights reached during his rule from 712 to 756 CE. He welcomed Buddhist and Taoist clerics to his court, including teachers of Tantric Buddhism, a recent form of the religion. Xuanzong had a passion for music and horses. To this end he owned a troupe of dancing horses and invited renowned horse painter Han Gan into his court. He also created the Imperial Music Academy, taking advantage of the new international influence on Chinese music. The fall of Xuanzong became an enduring love story in China. Xuanzong fell so much in love with concubine Yang Guifei that he began to ignore his royal duties and also promote her family members to high government positions.

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