Russo Turkish War 1877 1878

Battle of Kars
Capture of Kars. ©Nikolay Karazin
1877 Nov 17

Battle of Kars

Kars, Kars Merkez/Kars, Türkiy

The Battle of Kars was a decisive Russian victory and resulted in the Russians capturing the city along with a large portion of the Ottoman forces defending the city. Although the actual battle for the city lasted a single night, fighting for the city began in the summer of that year.[28] The idea of taking the city was considered impossible by some in Russian high command and many soldiers, who thought it would lead to needlessly high Russian casualties without any hopes of success due to the strength of the Ottoman position. Loris Melikov and others among the Russian command, however, devised a plan of attack that saw Russian forces conquer the city after a night of long and hard fighting.[28]

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