Republic of Venice

Battle of Marignano
Francis I Orders His Troops to Stop Pursuing the Swiss ©Alexandre-Évariste Fragonard
1515 Sep 13 - Sep 14

Battle of Marignano

Melegnano, Metropolitan City o

The Battle of Marignano was the last major engagement of the War of the League of Cambrai and took place on 13–14 September 1515, near the town now called Melegnano, 16 km southeast of Milan. It pitted the French army, composed of the best heavy cavalry and artillery in Europe, led by Francis I, newly crowned King of France, against the Old Swiss Confederacy, whose mercenaries until that point were regarded as the best medieval infantry force in Europe. With the French were German landsknechts, bitter rivals of the Swiss for fame and renown in war, and their late arriving Venetian allies.

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