Kingdom of Hungary Late Medieval

Ladislaus V, rightful monarch
Ladislaus the Postumous ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1445 Jan 1

Ladislaus V, rightful monarch


At the next Diet of Hungary, which assembled in April 1445, the Estates decided that they would unanimously acknowledge the child Ladislaus V's rule if King Vladislaus, whose fate was still uncertain, had not arrived in Hungary by the end of May. The Estates also elected seven "Captains in Chief", including Hunyadi, each being responsible for the restoration of internal order in the territory allotted to them. Hunyadi was assigned to administer the lands east of the river Tisza. Here he possessed at least six castles and owned lands in about ten counties, which made him the most powerful baron in the region under his rule.

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