Inca Empire

Atahualpa executed by Spaniards
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1533 Aug 1

Atahualpa executed by Spaniards

Cajamarca, Peru

Atahualpa offered the Spaniards enough gold to fill the room he was imprisoned in and twice that amount of silver. The Inca fulfilled this ransom, but Pizarro deceived them, refusing to release the Inca afterwards. During Atahualpa's imprisonment Huáscar was assassinated elsewhere. The Spaniards maintained that this was at Atahualpa's orders; this was used as one of the charges against Atahualpa when the Spaniards finally executed him, in August 1533. In accordance with his request, he was executed by strangling with a garrote on 26 July 1533. His clothes and some of his skin were burned, and his remains were given a Christian burial.

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