Hundred Years War

Joan of Arc captured and executed
Joan captured by the Burgundians at Compiègne. ©Osprey Publishing
1430 May 23

Joan of Arc captured and executed

Compiègne, France

Joan traveled to Compiègne the following May to help defend the city against an English and Burgundian siege. On 23 May 1430 she was with a force that attempted to attack the Burgundian camp at Margny north of Compiègne, but was ambushed and captured.

Joan was imprisoned by the Burgundians at Beaurevoir Castle. She made several escape attempts. The English negotiated with their Burgundian allies to transfer her to their custody. The English moved Joan to the city of Rouen, which served as their main headquarters in France. The Armagnacs attempted to rescue her several times by launching military campaigns toward Rouen while she was held there.

She was executed by burning on 30 May 1431.

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