History of Ukraine

Mongol Invasions: Disintegration of Kievan Rus'
Battle of the Kalka River ©Pavel Ryzhenko
1240 Jan 1

Mongol Invasions: Disintegration of Kievan Rus'

Kiev, Ukraine

The 13th-century Mongol invasion devastated Kievan Rus' and Kyiv was completely destroyed in 1240. On today's Ukrainian territory, the principalities of Halych and Volodymyr-Volynskyi arose, and were merged into the state of Galicia–Volhynia. Daniel of Galicia, son of Roman the Great, re-united much of south-western Rus', including Volhynia, Galicia and the ancient capital of Kyiv. He was subsequently crowned by the papal archbishop as the first king of the newly created Kingdom of Ruthenia in 1253.

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