History of Filipino Americans

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1906 Jan 1 - 1946

Second Wave of Filipino Immigration

United States

The second wave was during the period when the Philippines were a territory of the United States; as U.S. Nationals, Filipinos were unrestricted from immigrating to the US by the Immigration Act of 1917 that restricted other Asians.[41] This wave of immigration has been referred to as the manong generation.[42] Filipinos of this wave came for different reasons, but the majority were laborers, predominantly Ilocano and Visayans.[21] This wave of immigration was distinct from other Asian Americans, due to American influences, and education, in the Philippines; therefore they did not see themselves as aliens when they immigrated to the United States.[43] By 1920, the Filipino population in the mainland U.S. rose from nearly 400 to over 5,600. Then in 1930, the Filipino-American population exceeded 45,000, including over 30,000 in California and 3,400 in Washington.[40]

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