History of California

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1846 Jun 14

Bear Flag Revolt

Sonoma, CA, USA

The Bear Flag Revolt was a revolt that occurred in California in 1846. It was a revolt against the Mexican government, which had been in control of the area since 1822. The revolt was led by a small group of American settlers, who raised a flag featuring a grizzly bear and a star to symbolize their independence. The revolt was successful and California eventually joined the United States in 1850. The revolt began when a group of settlers led by William B. Ide captured the Mexican garrison at Sonoma, California. Ide and his followers then declared California to be an independent republic and raised the Bear Flag. The revolt quickly gained momentum, as other settlers joined in and the Mexican troops were unable to counter the revolt. Within days, a force of American settlers and U.S. Navy ships arrived in California and the Mexican forces were defeated. The Bear Flag Republic was short-lived, however, as the U.S. government soon asserted control over the area. California was ultimately annexed by the United States in 1850, ending the Bear Flag Revolt.

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