Reign of Zhao of Han

Reign of Zhao of Han

Han Dynasty

Reign of Zhao of Han
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87 BCE Mar 30 - 74 BCE Jun 5

Reign of Zhao of Han

Chang'An, Xi'An, Shaanxi, Chin

Emperor Zhao was the youngest son of Emperor Wu of Han. By the time he was born, Emperor Wu was already 62. Prince Fuling ascended the throne after the death of Emperor Wu in 87 BCE. He was only eight years old. Huo Guang served as regent. Emperor Wu's long reign left the Han Dynasty greatly expanded; however constant warfare had depleted the empire's coffers. Emperor Zhao, under the tutelage of Huo, took the initiative and lowered taxes as well as reducing government spending. As a result, citizens prospered and the Han Dynasty enjoyed an era of peace. Emperor Zhao died after reigning for 13 years, at the age of 20. He was succeeded by He, Prince of Changyi.

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