Han Dynasty

Reign of He of Han
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88 Apr 9 - 106 Feb 12

Reign of He of Han

Luoyang, Henan, China

Emperor He of Han was the 4th emperor of the Eastern Han. Emperor He was the son of Emperor Zhang. It was during Emperor He's reign that the Eastern Han began its decline. Strife between consort clans and eunuchs began when the Empress Dowager Dou (Emperor He's adoptive mother) made her own family members important government officials. Her family was corrupt and intolerant of dissension. In 92, Emperor He was able to remedy the situation by removing the empress dowager's brothers with the aid of the eunuch Zheng Zhong and his brother Liu Qing the Prince of Qinghe. This in turn created a precedent for eunuchs to be involved in important affairs of state. The trend would continue to escalate for the next century, contributing to the fall of the Han dynasty.

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