Conquests of Tamerlane

Timur invades Armenia and Georgia
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1400 Jan 1

Timur invades Armenia and Georgia

Sivas, Turkey

Kingdom of Georgia, a Christian kingdom dominanted on the most of Caucasus, was subjected many times by Timur between 1386 and 1403. These conflicts were intimately linked with the wars between Timur and Tokhtamysh, the last Khan of Golden Horde. Timur moved back to destroy the Georgian state once and for all. He demanded that George VII should hand over the Jalayirid Tahir but George VII refused and met Timur at the Sagim River in Lower Kartli, but suffered a defeat. After the war, of those who survived the fighting and reprisals, many thousands died of hunger and disease, and 60,000 survivors were enslaved and carried away by Timur's troops. He also sacked Sivas in Asia Minor.

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