Conquest of Constantinople

Direct Assaults
Janissary scaling the Theodosian walls during the Siege of Constantinople, 1453. ©HistoryMaps
1453 May 1 - May 15

Direct Assaults

Dervişali, The Walls of Consta

The Ottoman army had made several frontal assaults on the land wall of Constantinople, but they were costly failures.[13] Venetian surgeon Niccolò Barbaro, describing in his diary one such land attack by the Janissaries, wrote:

They found the Turks coming right up under the walls and seeking battle, particularly the Janissaries ... and when one or two of them were killed, at once more Turks came and took away the dead ones ... without caring how near they came to the city walls. Our men shot at them with guns and crossbows, aiming at the Turk who was carrying away his dead countryman, and both of them would fall to the ground dead, and then there came other Turks and took them away, none fearing death, but being willing to let ten of themselves be killed rather than suffer the shame of leaving a single Turkish corpse by the walls.[14]

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