Byzantine Empire Heraclian Dynasty

Renewal of war with the Umayyads
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Renewal of war with the Umayyads

Ayaş, Erdemli/Mersin, Turkey

After subduing Slavs, many were resettled in Anatolia, where they were to provide a military force of 30,000 men. Emboldened by the increase of his forces in Anatolia, Justinian now renewed the war against the Arabs. With the help of his new troops, Justinian won a battle against the enemy in Armenia in 693, but they were soon bribed to revolt by the Arabs.

The Umayyad army was led by Muhammad ibn Marwan. The Byzantines were led by Leontios and included a "special army" of 30,000 Slavs under their leader, Neboulos. The Umayyads, incensed at the breaking of the treaty, used copies of its texts in the place of a flag. Though the battle seemed to be tilting to the Byzantine advantage, the defection of upwards of 20,000 Slavs ensured a Byzantine defeat. Justinian was forced to flee to the Propontis. As a result, Justinian imprisoned Leontios for this defeat.

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