Byzantine Empire Palaiologos dynasty

Reign of Manuel II Palaiologos
Manuel II Palaiologos (left) with Henry IV of England in London, December 1400. ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1391 Feb 16

Reign of Manuel II Palaiologos

İstanbul, Turkey

Manuel II was the author of numerous works of varied character, including letters, poems, a Saint's Life, treatises on theology and rhetoric, and an epitaph for his brother Theodore I Palaiologos and a mirror of princes for his son and heir John. This mirror of princes has special value, because it is the last sample of this literary genre bequeathed to us by Byzantines.

Shortly before his death he was tonsured a monk and received the name Matthew. His wife Helena Dragaš saw to it that their sons, John VIII Palaiologos and Constantine XI Palaiologos, became emperors.

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