War of the Sixth Coalition
Battle of Großbeeren
Rain having rendered small arms fire impossible, Saxon infantry (left) use musket butts and bayonets to defend a churchyard against a Prussian onslaught
1813 Aug 23

Battle of Großbeeren

Grossbeeren, Germany

However at about the same time as the Battle of Dresden, the French sustained several serious defeats, first at the hands of Bernadotte's Army of the North on 23 August, with Oudinot's thrust towards Berlin beaten back by the Prussians, at Großbeeren.

The Battle of Großbeeren occurred on 23 August 1813 in neighboring Blankenfelde and Sputendorf between the Prussian III Corps under Friedrich von Bülow and the French-Saxon VII Corps under Jean Reynier. Napoleon had hoped to drive the Prussians out of the Sixth Coalition by capturing their capital, but the swamps south of Berlin combined with rain and marshal Nicolas Oudinot's ill health all contributed to the French defeat.