Mongol Invasions
The Mongols chasing the Seljuqs.
1243 Jun 26

Mongol Invasions

Sivas, Sivas Merkez/Sivas, Tur

During the reign of Ögedei Khan, the Sultanate of Rum offered friendship and a modest tribute to Chormaqan, a kheshig and one of the Mongols' greatest generals. Under Kaykhusraw II, however, the Mongols began to pressure the sultan to go to Mongolia in person, give hostages and accept a Mongol darughachi. The battle resulted in a decisive Mongol victory.

The Seljuk defeat resulted in a period of turmoil in Anatolia and led directly to the decline and disintegration of the Seljuq state. The Empire of Trebizond became a vassal state of the Mongol Empire. Furthermore, the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia became a vassal state of the Mongols. The Seljuk realm was divided among Kaykhusraw's three sons. The eldest, Kaykaus II, assumed the rule in the area west of the river Kızılırmak. His younger brothers, Kilij Arslan IV and Kayqubad II, were set to rule the regions east of the river under Mongol administration. In October 1256, Bayju defeated Kaykaus II near Aksaray and all of Anatolia became officially subject to Möngke Khan.;