Seven Years War

Russians take Eastern Prussia
The capture of the Prussian fortress of Kolberg on 16 December 1761 (Third Silesian War/Seven Years' War) by Russian troops ©Alexander von Kotzebue
1758 Oct 4 - Nov 1

Russians take Eastern Prussia

Kolberg, Poland

During the Seven Years' War, the Prussian-held town of Kolberg in Brandenburg-Prussian Pomerania (now Kołobrzeg) was besieged by Russian forces three times. The first two sieges, in late 1758 and from 26 August to 18 September 1760, were unsuccessful. A final and successful siege took place from August to December 1761. In the sieges of 1760 and 1761, the Russian forces were supported by Swedish auxiliaries.As a consequence of the fall of the city, Prussia lost its last major port on the Baltic Coast, while at the same time the Russian forces were able to take winter quarters in Pomerania. However, when Empress Elizabeth of Russia died only weeks after the Russian victory, her successor, Peter III of Russia, made peace and returned Kolberg to Prussia.

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