Russo Turkish War 1877 1878
Battle of Nikopol
Ottoman capitulation at Nikopol. ©Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburgsky
1877 Jul 16

Battle of Nikopol

Nikopol, Bulgaria

As the Russian army crossed the Danube River, they approached the fortified city of Nikopol (Nicopolis). The Turkish high command sent Osman Pasha with the troops from Vidin to oppose the Russians' crossing of the Danube. Osman's intentions were to reinforce and defend Nikopol. However, the Russian IX Corps under General Nikolai Kridener reached the city and bombarded the garrison into submission before Osman could arrive. He instead fell back to Plevna. With the Nikopol garrison eliminated, the Russians were free to march on to Plevna.