Russian Civil War

Battle of Tsaritsyn
Mitrofan Grekov's painting of Joseph Stalin, Kliment Voroshilov and Efim Shchadenko in the trenches of Tsaritsyn,
1918 Jul 1 - 1920 Jan

Battle of Tsaritsyn

Tsaritsyn, Volgograd Oblast, R

The city, which had been an important center of support for the October Revolution and remained in the hands of the Reds, was besieged three times by anti-Bolshevik Don Cossacks under the command of Pyotr Krasnov: July–September 1918, September–October 1918, and January–February 1919. Another attempt to conquer Tsaritsyn was made in May–June 1919 by the Volunteer Army, which successfully captured the city. In turn, between August 1919 and January 1920, the Whites defended the city against the Bolsheviks. Tsaritsyn was finally conquered by the Reds in early 1920.

The defense of Tsaritsyn, nicknamed the "Red Verdun", was one of the most widely described and commemorated events of the Civil War in Soviet historiography, art and propaganda. This was due to the fact that Joseph Stalin took part in the defense of the city between July and November 1918.