Campaign against the Mona
©Angus McBride
60 Jan 1

Campaign against the Mona

Anglesey, United Kingdom

The Romans invaded north-west Wales in 60/61 CE after subjugating much of southern Britain. Anglesey, recorded in Latin as Mona and still the island of Môn in modern Welsh, at the north-west corner of Wales, was a centre of resistance to Rome.

In 60/61 CE Suetonius Paulinus, Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, the conqueror of Mauretania (modern day Algeria and Morocco), became governor of Britannia. He led a successful assault to settle accounts with Druidism once and for all. Paulinus led his army across the Menai Strait and massacred the Druids and burnt their sacred groves.; he was drawn away by a revolt led by Boudica. The next invasion in 77 CE was led by Gnaeus Julius Agricola. It led to long-term Roman occupation. Both of these invasions of Anglesey were recorded by the Roman historian Tacitus.