Principality of Hungary

Christianization of the Magyars
973 Jan 1

Christianization of the Magyars

Esztergom, Hungary

The new Hungarian state was located on the border with Christendom. Since the second half of the 10th century, Christianity was flourished in Hungary as the Catholic missionaries arrived from Germany to there. Between 945 and 963, the main office-holders of the Principality (the Gyula, and the Horka) agreed to convert to Christianity. 

In 973 Géza I and all his household were baptised, and a formal peace concluded with Emperor Otto I; however he remained essentially pagan even after his baptism: Géza had been educated by his father Taksony as a pagan prince. The first Hungarian Benedictine monastery was founded in 996 by Prince Géza. During Géza's reign, the nation conclusively renounced its nomadic way of life and within a few decades of the battle of Lechfeld became a Christian kingdom.