Principality of Hungary

Bavarians murder Kurszán
904 Jun 1

Bavarians murder Kurszán

Fischamend, Austria

Kurszán, was a kende of the Magyars in the dual leadership with Árpád serving as a gyula - according to a mainstream theory. He had a crucial role in the Hungarian Conquest. In 892/893 together with Arnulf of Carinthia he attacked Great Moravia to secure the eastern borders of the Frankish Empire. Arnulf gave him all the captured lands in Moravia. Kurszán also occupied the southern part of Hungary that had belonged to the Bulgarian Kingdom. He entered into an alliance with the Byzantine emperor Leo VI after realizing the country's vulnerability from the south. Together they surprisingly defeated the army of Simeon I of Bulgaria.

An important event following the conquest of the Carpathian Basin, the Bavarians' murder of Kurszán, was recorded by the longer version of the Annals of Saint Gall, the Annales Alamannici and the Annals of Einsiedeln.

The three chronicles unanimously state that the Bavarians invited the Hungarian leader to a dinner on the pretext of negotiating a peace treaty and treacherously assassinated him. From this point Árpád became the only ruler and occupied some of the territory of his former partner.