Napoleons First Italian campaign

Siege of Mantua
Lecomte - Reddition de Mantoue, le 2 février 1797, le général Wurmser se rend au général Sérurier
1796 Jul 4

Siege of Mantua

Mantua, Italy
Mantua was the strongest Austrian base in Italy. Meanwhile, the Austrians retreated north into the foothills of the Tyrol. During the siege of Mantua, which lasted from 4 July 1796 to 2 February 1797 with a short break, French forces under the overall command of Napoleon Bonaparte besieged and blockaded a large Austrian garrison at Mantua for many months until it surrendered. This eventual surrender, together with the heavy losses incurred during four unsuccessful relief attempts, led indirectly to the Austrians suing for peace in 1797.