Napoleons First Italian campaign

Battle of Mondovì
Première vue de la bataille de Mondovi et de la position de Brichetto - le 21 avril 1796. Versailles, châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon.
1796 Apr 20

Battle of Mondovì

Mondovi, Italy

The French victory at the Battle of Mondovì meant that they had put the Ligurian Alps behind them, while the plains of Piedmont lay before them. A week later, King Victor Amadeus III sued for peace, taking his kingdom out of the First Coalition. The defeat of their Sardinian ally wrecked the Austrian Habsburg strategy and led to the loss of northwest Italy to the First French Republic. According to historian Gunther E. Rothenberg, Bonaparte's forces lost 600 killed and wounded out of 17,500. The Piedmontese lost 8 cannons and 1,600 men killed, wounded, and captured out of 13,000.