Mughal Empire
Khusrau Mirza Rebellion
Khusrau is captured and presented to Jahangir.
1606 Apr 6

Khusrau Mirza Rebellion

Bherowal, Pakistan
Khusrau rebelled against his father in 1606 to secure the throne for himself. Khusrau left Agra on April 6, 1606 with 350 horsemen on the pretext of visiting the tomb of Akbar at nearby Sikandra. In Mathura, he was joined by Hussain Beg, with about 3000 horsemen. In Panipat, he was joined by Abdur Rahim, the provincial dewan (administrator) of Lahore. Khusrau laid siege on Lahore, defended by Dilawar Khan. Jahangir soon reached Lahore with a large army and Khusrau was defeated in the battle of Bhairowal. He and his followers tried to flee towards Kabul, but they were captured by Jahangir's army while crossing the Chenab