Meiji Era
Akizuki rebellion
1876 Oct 27 - Nov 24

Akizuki rebellion

Akizuki, Asakura, Fukuoka, Jap

The Akizuki rebellion was an uprising against the Meiji government of Japan that occurred in Akizuki from 27 October 1876 to 24 November 1876. Former samurai of the Akizuki Domain, opposed to the Westernization of Japan and loss of their class privileges after the Meiji Restoration, launched an uprising inspired by the failed Shinpūren rebellion three days earlier. The Akizuki rebels attacked local police before being suppressed by the Imperial Japanese Army, and the leaders of the rebellion committed suicide or were executed. The Akizuki rebellion was one of a number of "shizoku uprisings" which took place in Kyūshū and western Honshu during the early Meiji period.