Kingdom of Poland
Battle of Płowce
1331 Sep 27

Battle of Płowce

Płowce, Poland

A lengthy, hard-fought battle ensued that lasted from sunrise until 3:00 p.m. the same day. The armies were fairly evenly matched, and the deadlock was only broken when a horse carrying the marshal's banner was pierced by a spear and the Teutonic army saw the banner fall, assuming that their leader had fallen, and began to flee the battle.

The Polish forces took advantage of the fleeing Teutons and struck hard, turning the tide of the battle in their favor. By the end of the battle, Władysław and his son Casimir III of Poland had 56 Teutonic knights in their custody, along with Altenburg. Instead of ransoming the knights, Władysław ordered that they be executed on the spot. He spared the marshal and a handful of wealthy Teutonic noblemen, whom he intended to ransom.

An army of Teutonic knights was dispatched from Prussia to relieve the forces at Płowce and were fast approaching the battle. The exhausted Polish troops engaged in another hard-fought battle, continuing until nightfall, but the Polish forces were eventually crushed. Altenburg was released after he was found chained to a wagon. The marshal ordered that all Polish captives were to be executed.