Kingdom of Hungary Early Medieval

Andrew's War in Halych
©Angus McBride
1205 Jan 1

Andrew's War in Halych

Halych, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

During his reign, Andrew was intensely interested in the internal affairs of his former principality of Halych. He launched his first campaign to recapture Halych in 1205 or 1206. Andrew adopted the title of "King of Galicia and Lodomeria", demonstrating his claim to suzerainty in the two Rus' principalities. After Andrew returned to Hungary, Vsevolod Svyatoslavich's distant cousin, Vladimir Igorevich, seized both Halych and Lodomeria. 

Taking advantage of a conflict between Roman Igorevich and his boyars, Andrew sent troops to Halych under the command of Benedict, son of Korlát. Benedict captured Roman Igorevich and occupied the principality in 1208 or 1209. Roman Igorevich reconciled with his brother, Vladimir Igorevich, in early 1209 or 1210. Their united forces vanquished Benedict's army, expelling the Hungarians from Halych.