History of South Korea

Bodo League Massacre
South Korean soldiers walk among bodies of South Korean political prisoners shot near Daejon, South Korea, July 1950. Photo by U.S. Army Major Abbott.
1950 Jul 1

Bodo League Massacre

South Korea

The Bodo League massacre refers to a mass killing of political prisoners and suspected communist sympathizers that took place in South Korea in the summer of 1960. The killings were carried out by a group called the Bodo League, which was created and controlled by the government. The league was composed of members of the South Korean police and military, as well as civilians who were recruited to carry out the killings. The victims were rounded up and taken to remote locations, such as islands or mountainous regions, where they were killed en masse. The number of victims is estimated to be around 100,000. The Bodo League massacre was a systematic, large scale extrajudicial killing orchestrated by the South Korean government in an effort to eliminate political opponents and maintain control of the population. The event is considered one of the most serious human rights violation in the history of South Korea.