Samguk Sagi
Portrait of Gim Busik ©Sin Yun-bok
1145 Jan 1

Samguk Sagi

Korean Peninsula

Samguk Sagi is a historical record of the Three Kingdoms of Korea: Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla. The Samguk Sagi is written in Classical Chinese, the written language of the literati of ancient Korea, and its compilation was ordered by King Injong of Goryeo (r. 1122-1146) and undertaken by the government official and historian Kim Busik and a team of junior scholars. Completed in 1145, it is well known in Korea as the oldest surviving chronicle of Korean history. The document has been digitized by the National Institute of Korean History and available online with Modern Korean translation in Hangul and original text in Classical Chinese.