History of Judaism

Jewish Diaspora
Assyrians ©Angus McBride
722 BCE Jan 1

Jewish Diaspora


The Assyrians conquer Israel and launch the Jewish diaspora(c. 722 BCE). Around 722 BCE, the Assyrians conquer the kingdom of Israel and force the ten tribes to resettle in other parts of the empire, according to Assyrian custom. The scattering of the tribes is the beginning of the Jewish diaspora, or living away from Israel, which characterizes much of Jewish history. Later the Babylonians relocate the Judeans, as well.

In 722 BCE, the Assyrians, under Sargon II, successor to Shalmaneser V, conquered the Kingdom of Israel, and many Israelites were deported to Mesopotamia. The Jewish proper diaspora began with the Babylonian exile in the 6th century BCE.