Sunda Kingdom

Sunda Kingdom

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Sunda Kingdom
The Sundanese royal party sailed to Majapahit by Jong sasanga wangunan ring Tatarnagari tiniru, a type of junk, which also incorporates Chinese techniques, such as using iron nails alongside wooden dowels, the construction of watertight bulkhead, and addition of central rudder. ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
669 Jan 1 - 1579

Sunda Kingdom

Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

The Sunda Kingdom was a Sundanese Hindu kingdom located in the western portion of the island of Java from 669 to around 1579, covering the area of present-day Banten, Jakarta, West Java, and the western part of Central Java. The capital of the Sunda Kingdom moved several times during its history, shifting between the Galuh (Kawali) area in the east and Pakuan Pajajaran in the west. The Kingdom reached its peak during the reign of King Sri Baduga Maharaja, whose reign from 1482 to 1521 is traditionally remembered as an age of peace and prosperity among Sundanese people. The kingdom's inhabitants were primarily the eponymous ethnic Sundanese, while the majority religion was Hinduism.

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