History of Indonesia

Kahuripan Kingdom
King Airlangga depicted as Vishnu mounting Garuda, found in Belahan temple.
1019 Jan 1 - 1045

Kahuripan Kingdom

Surabaya, Surabaya City, East

Kahuripan was an 11th-century Javanese Hindu-Buddhist kingdom with its capital located around the estuarine of Brantas River valley in East Java. The kingdom was short-lived, only spanning the period between 1019 and 1045, and Airlangga was the only raja of the kingdom, which was built out of the rubble of the Kingdom of Mataram after the Srivijaya invasion. Airlangga later in 1045 abdicated in favour of his two sons and divided the kingdom into Janggala and Panjalu (Kadiri).  Later in 14th to 15th century, the former kingdom was recognised as one of Majapahit's 12 provinces.