History of Germany
Saxon Pretensions
Battle of Riga, the first major battle of the Swedish invasion of Poland, 1701
1699 Jan 1

Saxon Pretensions

Riga, Latvia

In 1699 Augustus makes a secret alliance with Denmark and Russia for a joint attack on the Swedish territories round the Baltic. His personal objective is to conquer Livonia for Saxony. In February 1700 Augustus marches north and besieges Riga.

The triumphs of Charles XII over Augustus the Strong over the following six years are catastrophic. In the summer of 1701, the Saxon danger to Riga is removed as they are forced back across the Daugava river. In May 1702, Charles XII travels to and enters Warsaw. Two months later, at the Battle of Kliszow, he defeats Augustus. The humiliation of Augustus is complete in 1706 when the Swedish king invades Saxony and imposes a treaty.