Odrysian Kingdom
© Angus McBride

Odrysian Kingdom

History of Bulgaria

Odrysian Kingdom
Odrysian Kingdom ©Angus McBride
470 BCE Jan 1 - 50 BCE

Odrysian Kingdom

Kazanlak, Bulgaria

The Odrysian kingdom was founded by king Teres I, exploiting the collapse of the Persian presence in Europe due to failed invasion of Greece in 480–79.[11] Teres and his son Sitalces pursued a policy of expansion, making the kingdom one of the most powerful of its time. Throughout much of its early history it remained an ally of Athens and even joined the Peloponnesian War on its side. By 400 BCE the state showed first signs of fatigue, although the skilled Cotys I initiated a brief renaissance that lasted until his murder in 360 BCE.

Afterwards the kingdom disintegrated: southern and central Thrace were divided among three Odrysian kings, while the northeast came under the dominion of the kingdom of the Getae. The three Odrysian kingdoms were eventually conquered by the rising kingdom of Macedon under Philip II in 340 BCE. A much smaller Odrysian state was revived in around 330 BCE by Seuthes III, who founded a new capital named Seuthopolis that functioned until the second quarter of the 3rd century BCE. After that there is little conclusive evidence for the persistence of an Odrysian state, with the exception of a dubious Odrysian king fighting in the Third Macedonian War named Cotys. The Odrysian heartland was eventually annexed by the Sapaean kingdom in the late 1st century BCE, which was converted into a Roman province of Thracia in 45-46 CE.

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