Ottoman Entry into World War I

Ottoman Entry into World War I

Gallipoli Campaign

Ottoman Entry into World War I
The Şeyhülislam declaring a jihad against the Entente Powers. ©Image Attribution forthcoming. Image belongs to the respective owner(s).
1914 Nov 5

Ottoman Entry into World War I

Black Sea

On August 3 1914, the British government confiscates two Ottoman battleships for use by the Royal Navy, together with another Ottoman dreadnought being constructed in Britain. This act caused resentment in the Ottoman Empire, as the payments for both ships were complete, and contributed to the decision of the Ottoman government to join the Central Powers.

The Ottoman Empire's entry into World War I began when two recently purchased ships of its navy, still crewed by German sailors and commanded by their German admiral, carried out the Black Sea Raid, a surprise attack against Russian ports, on 29 October 1914. Russia replied by declaring war on 1 November 1914 and Russia's allies, Britain and France, then declared war on the Ottoman Empire on 5 November 1914. The reasons for the Ottoman action were not immediately clear.[1] The Ottoman government had declared neutrality in the recently started war, and negotiations with both sides were underway.

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