Gallipoli Campaign

Battle of Scimitar Hill
Australian troops charging an Ottoman trench, just before the evacuation at Anzac.
1915 Aug 21

Battle of Scimitar Hill

Suvla Cove, Küçükanafarta/Ecea

The Battle of Scimitar Hill was the last offensive mounted by the British at Suvla during the Battle of Gallipoli in World War I. It was also the largest single-day attack ever mounted by the Allies at Gallipoli, involving three divisions. The purpose of the attack was to remove the immediate Ottoman threat from the exposed Suvla landing and to link with the ANZAC sectors to the south. Launched on 21 August 1915 to coincide with the simultaneous attack on Hill 60, it was a costly failure, in which the Turks were forced to use all their reserves in "severe and bloody fighting" far into the night, with some Turkish trenches lost and retaken twice.[37]