English Civil War

Five Members
The Flight of the Five Members. ©John Seymour Lucas
1642 Jan 4

Five Members

Parliament Square, London, UK

The Five Members were Members of Parliament whom King Charles I attempted to arrest on 4 January 1642. King Charles I entered the English House of Commons, accompanied by armed soldiers, during a sitting of the Long Parliament, although the Five Members were no longer in the House at the time. The Five Members were: John Hampden (c. 1594–1643) Arthur Haselrig (1601–1661) Denzil Holles (1599–1680) John Pym (1584–1643) William Strode (1598–1645)Charles' attempt to coerce parliament by force failed, turned many against him, and was one of the events leading directly to the outbreak of civil war later in 1642.