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1102 Jan 1

Rise of the Artuqids

Hasankeyf, Batman, Turkey

The Artuqid dynasty was a Turkoman dynasty originated from Döğer tribe that ruled in eastern Anatolia, Northern Syria and Northern Iraq in the eleventh through thirteenth centuries. The Artuqid dynasty took its name from its founder, Artuk Bey, who was of the Döger branch of the Oghuz Turks and ruled one of the Turkmen beyliks of the Seljuk Empire. Artuk's sons and descendants ruled the three branches in the region:

  • Sökmen's descendants ruled the region around Hasankeyf between 1102 and 1231
  • Ilghazi's branch ruled from Mardin and Mayyafariqin between 1106 and 1186 (until 1409 as vassals) and Aleppo from 1117–1128
  • and the Harput line starting in 1112 under the Sökmen branch, and was independent between 1185 and 1233.